Housing Central Conference – Speaker Special Requests

Thank you for agreeing to present at Housing Central’s 2018 Conference. If you require Audio Visual outside the standard, any materials, or special setup requests, please fill out this form and submit no later than Friday, October 19, 2018.

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Speaker Info and Session Details

Session numbers are indicated on the conference schedule pages: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

If presenting more than one session, please submit a form for each session. If you have more than one presenter in your session, please have one person only submit the request.

Audio Visual and Room Setup

Note: if you are on a panel (3 or more presenters with a moderator), BCNPHA may coordinate a teleconference in advance of the event to discuss AV/setup.

a. Audio Visual & Materials: BCNPHA provides standard audio visual equipment which includes a LCD projector, laptop (PC), widescreen, wireless access, and one flipchart with markers . Please indicate any additional AV or materials required for your presentation (Note: requests outside the standard will be considered and are subject to pre-approval by BCNPHA based upon budget.)

Note: Although wireless access is supplied, if your presentation has a component that is dependent upon the Internet (e.g., video), we recommend that you bring the file (e.g., mp4) on a jump drive. If you have any questions, please contact learn@bcnpha.ca in advance of the conference.

Microphones, slide advancers and handouts: BCNPHA will supply microphones for presenters where necessary, dependent upon room size. BCNPHA does not provide presentation slide advancers. Speakers are welcome to bring their own if required. In order to minimize paper, we encourage presenters to submit resources electronically which BCNPHA will post to our website after the event. That being said, you are welcome to bring hard copy handouts if necessary for the presentation. We will also post session PowerPoints on our website post-conference, subject to the presenters’ permission.

Expenses: The speaker is responsible for arranging for/costs of all session materials, unless requested in advance and pre-approved by BCNPHA. BCNPHA will not reimburse for any expenses incurred at the venue (e.g., photocopying, on-site AV requests, etc.)

b. Room Setup: Room setups and participant numbers will vary, depending on registration numbers and room availability. Indicate below if you have a room setup that is essential for your presentation.

*Important note: Session room capacities can range from 20 to 200 participants based upon registration – so please be flexible when designing your presentation. If you have a capacity limit that is essential for your presentation, please contact learn@bcnpha.ca as soon as possible.

Presentation style/format, room capacity and registration numbers will be factored into the room setups and we will do our best to accommodate presentation needs. Due to the high volume of sessions, limited room availability and cost, however, all setup, capacity and special AV requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.

c. Presentation submission: Speakers can either bring their presentations on a USB drive for onsite uploading, or upload in advance of the conference. Our AV Contractor will contact speakers prior to the Conference with instructions re advance uploading.

Or contact Kate Nielsen, BCNPHA Education Lead, at kate@bcnpha.ca; Tel: 778.945.2156 or 1.800.494.8859 Ext. 2156.
Thank you!