Keeping affordable housing at the forefront of our community planning, social justice and political conversations is crucial to effecting transformative change.

BCNPHA’s data-backed advocacy efforts successfully influence policy discussions both during and between elections at all levels of government, and we’re activating support for affordable housing developments in local communities through Build Homes Not Barriers.

We also partner with the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC under the Housing Central banner on a wide range of advocacy efforts designed to drive solutions to our housing and homelessness challenges.

Housing Needs Assessment Explorer for BC

Explore your community’s housing needs with our one-stop-shop tool that brings together recent housing data and highlights from your local Housing Needs Assessment.

Election Campaigns

There is no question that affordable housing and homelessness are amongst the top issues affecting voters. Building on the success of our Rental Housing Index, we have compiled easy to navigate rental affordability data in each of B.C.’s 87 ridings to help you evaluate the affordability situation in your local riding.

Build Homes Not Barriers

Build Homes Not Barriers provides hands-on support to our members and other community stakeholders who are looking to open up constructive dialogue on the topic of affordable housing.

Housing Central

Housing Central is a strategic alliance between BC Non-Profit Housing Association and the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC. Our mission is to strengthen and grow the community housing sector so all British Columbians have a safe, secure home they can afford.