It’s our mission to strengthen BC’s non-profit housing sector through advocacy, education and support.


It was nearly 30 years ago when an idea to further the cause of affordable housing became the catalyst for a movement that spread across BC. Since then BCNPHA has evolved, grown and made important contributions to the housing sector through advocacy, education and support. Here’s a look at some big milestones along the way.


Since 1993 BCNPHA has been bringing the affordable housing sector together, knowing that it will take a combined effort to achieve housing for all. Working collaboratively with our partners and community housing stakeholders, we’ve made a lasting impact.


BCNPHA is committed to embedding Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) principles within our organization and in the work we do as part of the community housing sector.

Who We Are

BCNPHA’s Board and staff contribute their expertise to fulfill our vision of affordable housing for all in BC.

Meet our Board

The non-profit housing sector’s leaders from across BC contribute their deep level of knowledge and expertise to our Board of Directors.

Meet the Team

We are proud to be part of a diverse and thriving non-profit housing sector.


The non-profit housing sector is filled with individuals and teams working hard to provide affordable housing for a broad spectrum of BC residents. We are so proud of the work you do, and we are honoured to recognize your efforts with the BCNPHA Awards presented at the annual Housing Central Conference.

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