Where does your building’s energy performance stand?

BCNPHA’s benchmarking service delivers concrete data to understand your building’s energy usage over time, and how it performs compared to other buildings, so that you can better target your maintenance staff and budget.

Energy Audits

You’ll see where your building’s energy is going so that you can pinpoint the best ways to improve efficiency and lower costs.

A BCNPHA energy audit details cost-saving measures for your building’s lighting, heating and cooling, ventilation, and water efficiency needs.

Retrofit Coaching

If you’re looking to upgrade your society’s energy-efficiency measures, we can help.

BCNPHA’s Asset Management team will identify where you can maximize energy savings and how the costs can be offset with a mix of rebate and incentive opportunities.

Our Team in Action

Watch the videos below to see the BCNPHA Asset Management team provide an energy audit, go through an in-depth energy study, learn about heat pumps and tour an energy-saving solar hot water project.