We’re here to support our members big and small, from BC’s urban centres to our rural communities. In everything we do, we ask ourselves two big questions:

  • What does the sector need?
  • How can we help?

The result is a collection of tools and resources that build our sector’s capacity, getting us closer to affordable housing for all. We can help get your society off the ground or refine your procedures with the Policy Templates & Guides resource, provide insight into best practices for creating affordable housing that welcomes everyone in our communities through results of the Inclusive Housing Survey, and we’re looking forward to the completion of our Asset Analysis Survey to inform a wide range of sector needs.

Templates & Guides

BCNPHA has developed a number of resource guides and templates to assist non-profit housing providers.

Non-Profit Census Survey

Launched in Spring 2021, this survey seeks to update our information on the province’s non-profit housing stock to help with sector-wide planning, policymaking, and programming.