Jill Atkey


she / her / hers

Jill brings more than 20 years of research and leadership experience in the non-profit sector to her role as BCNPHA CEO. She is at the forefront of innovative housing research and policy development influencing decision-making at all levels of government, and is passionate about inspiring staff, collaborating across the community housing sector, supporting BCNPHA members and furthering the cause of affordable housing.

Phone: 778.945.2155

Lynda Dragan

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

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Lynda has been with BCNPHA since 2013 and is affectionately known as the heart of our organization. She brings a wealth of operational management experience to her role, including 30 years in the banking sector and provincial government advocacy.

Phone: 778.945.2165

Finance & Administration

Marilyn Aceja Uy

Director of Finance and Administration

Marilyn joined BCNPHA in 2019 to assist in fulfilling the strategic financial and operational objectives of BCNPHA as it continues to grow and fill the needs of its members. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada and holds a BSc in Accounting and a BA in Behavioural Sciences.

Phone: 778.945.2168

Justin Harvey

Senior IT Manager

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Justin keeps us running, full stop. From the innermost workings of the server to the strategic decisions guiding us to an efficient and digitally safe work environment, he ensures BCNPHA is at the top of its technological game. Most importantly, Justin is responsible for providing easily accessible and accurate information that help to strengthen affordable housing across BC.

Phone: 778.945.2162

Vinoth Palanivel

IT & CRM Administrator

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Vinoth joined BCNPHA in late 2021 to assist the team with its technology needs and helping the organization get the most out of it’s CRM. He holds a bachelors degree in computer science from SFU and a technical certificate from BCIT.

Phone: 778.945.2154

Policy & Education

Marika Albert

Policy Director

Marika leads our research and advocacy efforts, as well as BCNPHA’s professional development and education programs. She tackles large-scale issues affecting the sector and advocates for tangible solutions through legislative, policy, and funding changes. Marika holds an MA in Sociology and in 2018 was recognized with an Honorary Citizen Award from the City of Victoria for her work on housing and homelessness research.

Phone: 778.945.2164

Susana Guardado

Senior Manager, Education

Susana has worked in the development and delivery of community-based education for more than 20 years, in topics including housing, suicide prevention, sexualized violence prevention, and creating safer spaces in community. She joined BCNPHA in 2020 and is committed to supporting members through impactful education that helps them do amazing work on the front lines of affordable housing.

Phone: 778.725.1266

Kate Nielsen

Education Lead

she / her

Kate combines her love of learning with a keen interest in adult education and more than 20 years of experience working in the non-profit housing sector to deliver BCNPHA’s suite of e-learning opportunities. She is a recent graduate of the BC Provincial Instructor Diploma (Adult & Continuing Education) Program and her ambition is to master all the online training tools in the universe, as well as stick to one Starbucks coffee per day.

Phone: 778.945.2156

Courtney Northrup

Learning Coordinator


Courtney joined the BCNPHA team in September of 2021 as the Learning Coordinator to assist the Education Team with providing learning opportunities to support our members and the sector. She comes to BCNPHA with a professional background in adult education, facilitation, and community development.

Phone: 778.945.2169

Erika Sagert

Policy Manager

she / her / hers

Erika works directly with members and leads research projects that build an evidence-based foundation for BCNPHA’s policy and advocacy work. She received an MA in Planning in 2017; throughout her five years with BCNPHA, Erika’s goal has been to help our sector advance social, economic and environmental justice and equity.

Phone: 778.945.2167

Andrés Peñaloza

Senior Policy Analyst

Andrés leads and supports many of BCNPHA’s research and policy initiatives with his expertise in strategic planning and policymaking. He holds a MA in Public Policy and Global Affairs and a BA in Urban Planning and worked as a city planner for over five years before moving from Venezuela to Vancouver.

Phone: 778.725.1418

Jackson Freedman

Policy Analyst

Jackson joined BCNPHA in 2019 after earning a BA in Political Science, and has supported our education and policy work with a keen organizational focus. He uses data-driven analysis to support members with the tools they need to deliver affordable housing, and to develop effective strategies that address the affordable housing crisis in BC.

Phone: 778.725.1428

Sruti Penumetsa

Asset Analyst

she / her

Sruti leads the sector-wide census that will help drive the future of our understanding of non-profit housing in the province and advance the interests of the sector. She holds an MSc in Design and Urban Ecologies and a B. Architecture and joined BCNPHA in 2020.

Phone: 778.725.2205

Partnerships & Programs

Bryan Woo

Director, Partnerships and Programs


Bryan cultivates and nurtures member and stakeholder engagement through data-driven leadership, collaboration, and relationship-building. He recently joined BCNPHA from the non-profit cultural sector where he developed a “rising tide raises all ships” outlook. By always putting members first, Bryan strives to advance the value and benefits of membership across the sector.

Phone: 778.725.1309

Arwa Hasan

Marketing and Membership Manager

she / her

Arwa has been our direct line to BCNPHA members since 2008 and is committed to improving the member experience and supporting the sector through timely information, resources and tools on a wide range of topics. She brings an educational background in business and marketing to her role in ensuring the BCNPHA brand is consistently recognizable and top of mind in discussions on affordable housing.

Phone: 778.945.2152

Tanya Cromwell

Events Producer

she / her

Tanya brings the community housing sector to life through BCNPHA’s in-person and online events. From concept to completion, Tanya awakens our senses in the pursuit of creating a holistic experience for delegates to ensure everyone is energized and inspired to effect positive change in their communities. She is a continuous learner, a passionate social justice advocate, and pursues a keen interest in dance, film, music and storytelling.

Phone: 778.945.2166

Mauricio Ruiz

Senior Partnerships & Sponsorships Officer

Mauricio joined BCNPHA full-time in 2020, after supporting the team during the 2019 Housing Central Conference. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Commerce and has public, private and non-profit experience in the areas of marketing and value chain integration. As the Partnership and Sponsorship Officer, he applies his relationship-building skills to connect with members, to promote the benefits of our member programs for societies and tenants, and to find products and solutions that strengthen the capacity of the sector.

Phone: 778.945.2160

Sarah Payne

Communications Manager

she / her

Sarah is our resident storyteller, having shifted from a 14-year career in newspaper reporting to BCNPHA in 2017 to help shine a light on the incredible work of our organization and the community housing sector. She holds an MA in Journalism and a deep connection to northern BC, and would love nothing more than to hear how your organization is delivering affordable housing in your community.

Phone: 236.521.0617

Stephen Thomson

Digital Communications Specialist

Stephen helps BCNPHA share valuable information and stories from the non-profit housing sector through social media, email newsletters, the website and other channels of communication. He has over a decade of experience working in post-secondary education and journalism.

Phone: 778.945.2159

Mike Bitzer

Data Analyst


A recent addition to the BCNPHA team, Mike has previous experience using data-driven insights to grow organizations and their impact. His goal is to help housing become more affordable for all British Columbians by using his analytical knowledge.

Phone: 778-735-1797

Asset Management

Ian Cullis

Director, Asset Management

Ian develops funding solutions, incentive programs, and curriculum to support building renewal while coaching non-profit housing providers through capital planning, maintenance planning, and building retrofit projects. He is driven by a passion for sustainable buildings, the desire to help others, and a sense of accomplishment when people have access to more sustainable housing solutions.

Phone: 778.945.2153

Brian Jung

Senior Program Delivery Manager, Asset Management

he / him

Brian has been coaching non-profit housing providers to make improvements to their portfolio of buildings through energy efficiency and capital planning since he joined BCNPHA in 2015. He holds an MSc in Forestry, as well as certifications in sustainable energy management and measurement and verification.

Phone: 778.945.2157

Jackie Kanyuk

Senior Program Delivery Manager, Asset Management

she / they

Jackie brings an extensive background in new construction and sustainable design education, as well as a LEED AP certification, to her asset management role. She joined BCNPHA in 2017 and enjoys fostering a culture of energy management with affordable housing professionals through capacity building, facilitation, strategic partnerships and energy project coaching.

Phone: 236.521.0619

Gabriel Berenguer Vieira

Senior Asset Management Coordinator

he / him / his

Gabriel joined BCNPHA in 2020 to support non-profit housing societies across BC with building condition assessments, energy audits, energy retrofit coaching and more. He holds a BSc in civil engineering, along with an MSc in energy efficiency and sustainable buildings, a post-graduate diploma in project management, and is a LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP and PMP.

Phone: 778.945.2170

Rachelle Grohs

Asset Management Coordinator

she / her

Rachelle is a solutions-focused engineer who is passionate about improving existing buildings that lower GHG emissions and contribute to better health and well-being for tenants. She draws on her knowledge of architectural conservation and sustainability to help housing providers understand their energy use, explore retrofit opportunities, and connect the sector with funding opportunities.

Phone: 778.725.1295

Edward Beckett

Asset Management Coordinator

he / him

Edward continues to leverage his extensive industry knowledge and experience as a Red Seal Electrician in connecting the benefits of energy management with asset management, since joining BCNPHA in 2021.  His win/win, enthusiastic approach to finding energy management solutions will help reduce operating costs and GHG emissions produced while enabling building improvements across your portfolio.

Phone: 778.945.2158

Celine McRae-Hamdy

Asset Management Coordinator

she / her / they

Celine brings nearly a decade of experience as an energy conservation engineer and business coach for low- to mid-income individuals in marginalized communities to her role as one of BCPNHA’s newest asset management team members. With an M.Eng degree, Celine supports members with energy audits to identify energy-saving opportunities and funding sources for retrofit projects, measure energy and financial savings and coach stakeholders to foster sector capacity.

Phone: 778.945.2163

Stephan Baeuml

Asset Management Coordinator

Stephan is a German-trained engineer (Mechanical and Industrial) and Certified Passive House Consultant with a passion for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. He has worked for decades in non-profit project management and design-build construction. At BCNPHA, he looks forward to bringing his expertise to the affordable housing sector. His focus is providing building energy audits and retrofitting to lower energy use and GHG emissions, and increase comfort and sustainability for members and occupants.

Michael Mornin

Building Condition Assessment Coordinator

Michael has a degree in Civil Engineering from UBC and comes from a building science background. He is knowledgeable about building maintenance and repair work, and is more than happy to talk to you about the best ways to maintain and budget for the future of your building. If you have any questions about building maintenance for your non-profit society or are interested in the Building Condition Assessment service that he coordinates, please get in touch.

Phone: 236-521-0618

Sandeep Kumar

Property Management Software Coordinator

Sandeep is your go to for all things Arcori; as a property management software coordinator he’s helping to implement this resource for more than 300 societies across BC. Having joined BCNPHA in early 2021, Sandeep is excited to connect with members and help them get the most time- and money-saving features from their Arcori software.

Phone: 778.945.2151

Shivam Khurania

Property Management Software Coordinator

Shivam is a CPA candidate who is passionate about helping and advising non-profits. As a property management software coordinator, he’s helping more than 300 societies across BC by adding value to and improving internal and external operations with the implementation of Arcori software. He has a professional background in accounting, finance and consulting. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting (GDiPA) from the University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management; an HBCOMM Accounting from the Lakehead University, Thunder Bay; and Certification in Corporate Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston, Texas.

Phone: 778-735-1824