Our Impact

Our data-driven research sheds light on the social, economic and historical factors underpinning today’s housing and homelessness crisis, and it informs the policies we develop to advocate for affordable housing within communities and with all levels of government in Canada.

Current Initiatives

BCNPHA develops and delivers research projects that generate meaningful information and innovations for the non-profit housing sector. We conduct research that supports BCNPHA’s mandate of service, education, and advocacy while supporting and advancing the work of BC’s non-profit housing sector.

Canadian Rental Housing Index

This interactive web map provides a data-driven foundation for policy-making decisions at all levels of government and the sector, and puts a media spotlight on our affordability crisis.

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BC’s Affordable Housing Plan

A ten-year roadmap to significantly reduce affordable housing challenges in communities across BC.

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Build Homes Not Barriers

Our letter generator to help you voice your support for the development of non-market housing.

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Non-Profit Census Survey

A sector-wide census survey to help drive the future of our understanding of non-profit housing in BC.

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Project Categories

BCNPHA works closely with its members and partner organizations, developing collaborative research and policies that drive informed decision-making on affordable housing strategies.

Ongoing Advocacy

Advocacy work that serves as a unified voice for furthering the cause of affordable housing in BC.

Capacity Building

Diverse research delivering information and resources that raise the capacity of the non-profit housing sector.

Policy & Research

Research and policy work that drives effective change for the non-profit housing sector in BC.

Policy Submissions

BCNPHA contributes data-driven policy submissions that inform government decision-making on affordable housing.


Published research papers to guide strategic decision-making across the affordable housing sector.

Policy Updates

Stay informed with the latest policy updates.