As the leading voice of affordable housing in BC, we use our position to provide informed policy advice to the provincial and federal governments to advance our mission of safe, secure, and affordable housing for all.

BCNPHA’s consultation submissions include work that has guided the formation of Canada’s human rights-based approach to housing in the National Housing Strategy, and helped develop the federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy. We have also supported changes that strengthened the Residential Tenancy Act, and informed provincial policy delivering housing and homelessness services through 2027.

Budget 2022 Submission

Housing Central seeks action to strengthen housing affordability in BC.

National Housing Strategy

The BC Rental Housing Coalition submitted their consultation paper to Let’s Talk Housing, the federal government’s national housing strategy consultation process.

Homelessness Partnering Strategy

The focus of the submission is to inform policies and strategic direction that will lead to a homelessness-serving and housing sector.

A Human Rights-Based Approach to Housing

This response represents the views of a broad spectrum of rental housing stakeholders in British Columbia who have an interest in placing housing at the centre of its communities.

Rental Housing Task Force

This submission is to inform the provincial government of opportunities for clarifying and strengthening the Residential Tenancy Act.