Our mission to ensure everyone in BC has access to an affordable home depends on a lot of things, but it starts with data.

And while that may not sound particularly exciting, it’s the corner piece of the very complex puzzle that we are collectively assembling to increase affordable housing and end homelessness across the province.

Accurate data generated through BCNPHA’s research means we can better understand the scope of the multi-layered and intersecting issues feeding the affordable housing and homelessness crisis. Understanding what the problem looks like means we can formulate effective, measurable solutions such as the 2020 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count, the Canadian Rental Housing Index, and the Affordable Housing Plan for BC.

BC’s Affordable Housing Plan

The Affordable Housing Plan provides a ten-year roadmap to significantly reduce affordable housing challenges in communities across British Columbia.

Rental Housing Index

The Canadian Rental Housing Index can be used to track and compare average rental costs, how rental housing spending compares with income, and the rate of overcrowding in municipalities, regions and provinces.