Capital Planning

The homes your non-profit housing society provides are important, and so is the work of looking after them.

With a capital plan your society has a strategic blueprint – and budget – for the current and future needs of your building.

No surprises. No expensive emergencies when equipment breaks down. Just a thorough plan that protects the health of your building, ensures the comfort of your tenants and staff, reduces your greenhouse gas emissions, and lowers your costs.

Building Condition Assessments

Understanding the shape your building is in means you’ll be prepared for where it’s headed.

With a building condition assessment (BCA) you’ll have crucial information about the status of everything from your building’s basement to its rooftop, and from the envelope to its innermost workings. The BCA forms the basis of your capital plan, helping you plan for the future and maximize your funding opportunities.

Property Management Software

BCNPHA has partnered with Arcori, an integrated property management and accounting solution that provides your organization with the tools to manage your properties and streamline your operations.

Arcori is an integrated and cost-effective solution for small to mid-size affordable housing organizations that also provides sustainable business solutions and management consulting services to support the successful implementation and use of the software.