Our HousingU online learning platform has been updated for 2023 and we are working hard to continuously update our courses with interactive activities, combined with flexible learning delivery options, to BCNPHA’s online learning offerings.

As always, our self-directed 30-day modules are available throughout the year for continuous intake.

Scroll down to the Upcoming Courses Schedule for the 2024 Winter (Jan-Mar) lineup.

For Current Students

HousingU Offerings

Capital Planning

Learn how to protect your physical assets in the most cost effective way.

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Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Create a customized, integrated operations and maintenance plan, designed specifically for your facilities.

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Board Governance

Get up-to-date information that all non-profit board members are required to know.

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Learn the information and skills leaders need to successfully decide on and navigate partnerships of all kinds.

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Ready, Set, Build!

Learn the development process from start to finish.

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Harm Reduction

Understand the practices and policies that relate to substance use.

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Welcome to the Housing Sector

Learn about the non-profit housing sector and type of work we do here.

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Upcoming Courses Schedule

ProgramCourse NameNext Offering
Capital PlanningCapital Planning 100Next cohort starts Feb 2024. Registration is open!
Ready Set Build!Ready Set Build!Next cohort starts Feb 2024. Registration is open!
Board GovernanceBoard GovernanceNext cohort starts Jan 2024. Registration is open!
Operations and Maintenance (O&M)Building MaintenanceNext cohort starts Mar 2024. Registration is open!
Building SystemsNext cohort starts Feb 2024. Registration is open!
Operations & Maintenance Plan DevelopmentNext cohort starts Jan 2024. Registration is open!
New Construction and RedevelopmentNext cohort is April 2024. Registration opens Feb 2024.
Capital Planning 101Next cohort is June 2024. Registration opens Feb 2024.

Self Directed Modules

BCNPHA has developed a variety of self-serve online modules. These courses can be accessed from anywhere, day or evening, and are 30 days in length. Go at your own pace during a time that best suits you. Participants will leave with a certificate of completion upon a 70% passing grade, and plenty of take away resources!