We’re raising the capacity of the sector, supporting housing providers, and establishing networks across BC that will help fuel a future in which every individual and family has a safe place to call home.

Our impact can be measured across several key themes:

Influencing Policy

Research and advocacy that influences policy and funding decisions at all levels of government, so that non-profit housing providers can get to work building homes and welcoming tenants.

Professional Development

We deliver education and professional development for board members, leaders, and staff of non-profit housing organizations. When the people delivering housing are equipped with the latest knowledge, the sector can better protect existing homes, improve their services, pursue new development projects, and expand the availability of affordable housing for their communities.

Networking and Learning

BCNPHA events provide unparalleled networking and education opportunities. We deliver local-specific learning through our Regional Education, Networking & Tradeshow (RENT) events and, together with our Housing Central partners, proudly host the annual Housing Central Conference – Canada’s premier event for the community housing sector.

Saving the Sector Money

Our member programs have saved the sector millions of dollars on the products and services they need to operate their organizations. BCNPHA’s growing roster of programs saves societies time and money, and provides direct benefits back to the sector.

Going Green

Energy-efficiency support to help the non-profit housing sector go green. We help societies take better care of their buildings so that existing homes last longer and improve the health and comfort of tenants. Implementing green retrofit projects also means the sector uses less energy, and reaps significant savings on utility costs.