Property Insurance

By pooling resources, CHC funds high-frequency, low-cost claims for non-profit housing providers, achieving premium stability.

Community Housing Coverage (CHC) is BC Non-Profit Housing Association’s (BCNPHA) sector-led insurance program, an administrative entity wholly owned by BCNPHA, designed to pool and service the property insurance needs of non-profit housing providers. CHC brings together the sector experience of BCNPHA with the nation-leading brokerage expertise of HUB International, offering cost-effective coverage and exceptional service for BCNPHA members. Formed as the sector advocate, CHC holds brokers and insurers accountable, representing a unified insurance voice with significant premium influence. Unlike individual clients contracting brokers, CHC ensures a “seat-at-the-table” for sharing the sector’s story with insurers, amplifying the impact and benefits for all members.

The Benefits of our Coverage

Collective Buying Power: Secures favourable terms through group negotiation.

Risk Sharing: Distributes risk to stabilize premiums and lessen claim impacts.

Negotiation: Leverages group strength for better terms and competitive pricing.

Cost Savings: Lowers premiums via volume discounts and improved loss history.

Administrative Efficiency: Centralizes administration to simplify processes.

Risk Mitigation Strategies: Data-driven decision-making and proactive risk management measures.

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We’re just an email away and happy to assist! Reach out to us at or visit our website for any queries or further details. We’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you!

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