The road to energy savings begins with an energy audit. BCNPHA’s Asset Management team will inspect your building and its systems to determine where energy is being used, and help you choose the right retrofits to improve efficiency. We’ll also help you navigate the options for incentive funding to determine the best fit for your organization. The result is decreased energy use, lowered emissions, and cost savings on your utility bills.

An energy audit will help you:

  • decrease energy usage
  • lower emissions
  • save money on your utility bills
  • increase comfort for tenants and staff

We are now offering in-person audits again in accordance with BC Health Authority guidelines. Virtual energy audits are still available as an option as well, all that’s needed is a staff member with a smart phone!

Interested in booking a free energy audit or to find out more information? Contact us now!

Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society is very grateful for the work the asset management team at BCNPHA have undertaken on guiding us through the energy audit process. Our team has learned a lot and we can ascribe this to BCNPHA’s enthusiasm, dedication and skill. We look forward to continue to work with BCNPHA and we encourage other non profit housing providers to take advantage of the asset management team’s efforts with regards to this program. Thank you.

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