If your organization is looking to renovate, we can help! We’ll pinpoint where you can maximize energy savings and help you evaluate the best equipment options – along with the applicable funding and incentive opportunities – and we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way.

This full-spectrum service will identify and determine the best efficiency opportunities, guide you through the utility incentive process, help you implement projects and monitor your success.

Our retrofit coaching services can:

  • identify opportunities to make your operations more energy efficient
  • match retrofit projects with rebates and incentives to minimize costs
  • guide you through the equipment selection process
  • help you implement retrofit projects
  • stay connected to measure your success

Are you interested in retrofit coaching? Contact us to get started!

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Energy Audits

Start saving energy with a detailed energy audit.

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Rebates & Incentives

Access a wide range of rebates and incentives from our partners and housing stakeholders to help fund your retrofit project.

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Building Remediation

Effective pipe lining and water treatment systems that reduce pinhole leaks, corrosion and water damage.

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Case Studies

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Webinar: Be Prepared for the Retrofit Boom

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Webinar: Retrofits for Overheating Buildings and Poor Indoor Air Quality

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