Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
HousingU Pathway: Asset Management

Asset Management Foundations | 2024

Self-Directed Module

Asset Management Foundations provides a broad overview of facilities’ operations and maintenance. Participants will gain a basic understanding of residential buildings, maintenance, and the management of an operations and maintenance program. Because this course covers the basics, it is an ideal place for new building managers, tenant volunteers, administrators and maintenance personnel to begin. It serves as a starting base for BCNPHA’s Operations and Maintenance Program, as well as a great primer for board members unfamiliar with the ins and outs of operations and maintenance.

This module showed me how asset management best practices contribute to an effective maintenance plan and capital planning. – 2023 course participant

As result of enrolling in this module I will arrange an energy audit for the properties I manage, as well as continue to take the online courses available. This was a great learning platform! – 2021 Registrant



Self-Directed Module


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Topics include

Operations & Maintenance Models | Types of Maintenance | Role of Stakeholders | Energy Management Basics | Utility Analysis | Benchmarking | Tenant Engagement | Introduction to Operations and Maintenance Planning

What you’ll learn

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • recognize types of buildings and construction techniquess
  • choose the best maintenance models, types and strategies for your building(s)
  • review building asset classification systems
  • recognize the benefits and best practices of energy management
  • begin to create or adapt your building operations and maintenance plan
  • recognize the role of maintenance planning within the overall operation planning process

Throughout the module you’ll read or watch content, be invited to engage in various activities, and apply your learning to your own situation.

Time commitment

You have 30 days to complete the module. At the end of the 30-day enrollment period you will be automatically unenrolled from this module.

The learning content is provided in a lesson format that allows you to progress at your own pace. The lesson includes non-graded checks for understanding. This module also includes a non-graded pre-test and a graded post-test. You’ll need to complete the non-graded pre-test in order to access the lesson.

To receive a certificate you’ll need to score 70% or more on the post-test. You can re-take the post-test as many times as needed, within your enrollment period.


This is an online course and participants must have basic computer skills and have regular access to a computer with MS Office 2010 or later and a modern, safe browser. We recommend Chrome, however any updated browser will work. Templates used in this course may require MS Excel, MS Word and .pdf reader. This course is provided in English and requires reading and writing at a grade 8 level.

Module Duration

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Once you receive your log-in details, you can log into HousingU at any time to start your module. You will have 30 days to complete the module from the date that you receive your log-in instructions. For example, if you registered on July 10, you will have until August 10 to complete. After the 30-day enrollment period, you will be automatically un-enrolled from the module. If you do not complete the module within 30 days, you will have to re-register for the module.

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