Program Overview

There has never been a time in the history of affordable housing in BC where working together has been more critical. Our online Partnerships course provides the information and skills leaders need to successfully decide on and navigate partnerships of all kinds.

Partnerships, funded by BC Housing and developed by BCNPHA, has been designed specifically for affordable housing leaders and board members who make decisions about partnerships.

NOTE: The Partnership course and modules are currently under review and not offered at this time. Contact for enquiries.

This course is divided into five 30-day non-facilitated modules:

  • Introduction to Partnerships – This module will introduce you to the fundamentals of partnerships including defining terms – like collaboration, cooperation and partnership – and legal consideration.
  • Preparing for Partnerships – This module is a critical step towards making sure you are well informed and able to take on a partnership process.
  • Identifying Potential Partnerships – In this module, we begin proactively looking for potential partners.
  • Negotiating and Formalizing Partnerships – This module explores the steps in negotiating a partnership.
  • Measuring and Maintaining Partnerships – This module aims you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to tend and grow your partnership.

The modules may be taken in any sequence. It is recommended that you take them in the order listed above, but is not mandatory.

Visit our Self-Directed Modules page for information on format and fees.