The Power of a Region: Kootenay Retrofit Successes – Webinar

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Looking for win-win climate action projects that benefit communities by lowering energy and GHGs while also supporting non-profit housing societies? Learn how a multi-year retrofit program supported 31 non-profit housing societies and implemented over 100 energy conservation projects. BCNPHA Asset Management Coordinator Jackie Kanyuk and Impact Engineering Engineer Steve Fetterly will describe the power of partnerships and how a regional or bulk approach can create cost savings and efficiencies through strategic bundling.

Whether you are regional or municipal staff, working in the non-profit sector in sustainability or affordable housing, or just looking for some good news on the energy efficiency and affordable housing frontlines, this webinar is for you.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The details of this regional retrofit program, from BCNPHA-supported energy assessments, business cases, funding applications and facilitating engineering support
  • The successes and surprises that came along with the retrofit program
  • The benefits of a regional or bulk approach to retrofits and how bundling projecst and engineering studies and contractor tenders can help dollars go further for even greater energy and GHG savings

Webinar date

February 27, 2020


3/9/20 10:00 am - 3/9/20 11:00 am


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