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Vancouver Sun: B.C. Housing Probe Could Affect Entire Non-Profit Housing Sector

Katie DeRosa, Vancouver Sun, May 10, 2023 (With quotes from BCNPHA CEO, Jill Atkey)

Advocate says reform is needed, but agency must keep flexibility to respond fast to housing crises.

A prominent advocate said the overhaul of how B.C. Housing doles out funding — recommended in a scathing report into conflict of interest between the housing agency’s former CEO and his wife — will have implications across the non-profit housing sector.

Jill Atkey, CEO of the B.C. Non-Profit Housing Association, said while the recommended changes are important to ensure public funds are spent wisely, she doesn’t want to see the pendulum swing so far in the other direction that “the flexibility and the ability to respond quickly (to the housing crisis) is lost.”

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