Sign up for our new course, Unlocking Community Housing. This new educational offering aims to help government officials develop a better understanding of the needs of non-profit housing providers. This course will equip officials with tools to get more affordable housing built and secured in their communities.

For $25, this self-directed course will provide you knowledge and access to many resources to dig deeper into your own interests.

  • You will learn about the state of the housing crisis in the province and in your community, as well as the current state of the community housing sector.
  • The course will present you with principles and ideals that explain the value of community housing and explores the role of different levels of government addressing housing needs.
  • We’ll explore the main barriers that non-profit housing providers face at a municipal level.
  • The course will go over the complete list of strategies and policies available to BC municipalities to produce more affordable housing with examples from within the province.

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Launch date will be announced soon

… But in the meantime, visit our Municipal Affordable Housing Toolkit

Municipal Affordable Housing Toolkit

Explore a list of key tools that local governments can use to support the expansion of their affordable rental and non-market housing stock.

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