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The Nelson Daily: Energy-efficiency upgrades to make affordable housing more sustainable in Basin communities

The Nelson Daily, September 20, 2022 (Includes comments from BCNPHA Director of Asset Management Ian Cullis)

From upgraded insulation to new heat pumps, 41 buildings with affordable rental housing will see their energy efficiency improve with nearly $6.1 million from Columbia Basin Trust’s Energy Retrofit Program.

This will benefit 659 units in 18 communities in the region, making the units more energy efficient, sustainable and comfortable for tenants while helping to create a region that is more resilient to climate change.

These upgrades will lead to energy savings of approximately 2 million equivalent kilowatt hours per year, translating to approximately $186,000 annual operating cost savings.

“Projects like these address many of the priorities that people in the Columbia Basin have told us are important, such as enhancing community well-being, maintaining existing affordable housing and reducing energy use in favour of promoting a more climate-resilient region,” said Johnny Strilaeff, President and CEO, Columbia Basin Trust.

“These projects create a win for the tenants, the non-profit organizations that provide the housing and the communities in general.”

In partnership with BC Housing and BC Non-profit Housing Association (BCNPHA), the Trust is helping non-profit organizations make energy conservation upgrades in affordable housing buildings in the Basin.

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