Templates and Guides

BCNPHA has developed a number of resource guides and templates to assist non-profit housing providers. They are all available for download at no cost. For any inquiries regarding the templates and guides, please email research@bcnpha.ca.

2021 Communicable Disease Planning Guide & Template

BCNPHA and AHMA have co-published a communicable disease prevention plan template for non-profit housing providers, which you’ll be able to adapt to suit your own circumstances. It also applies to circumstances where public health authorities advise of an elevated risk. In such situations, the plan will set measures that go beyond the common, everyday ones to stem the transmission of more widespread and virulent infections.

Download Communicable Disease Planning Guide

Download COVID-19 Unpaid Leave Policy

Download Communicable Disease Safety Plan

Download Sample Safe Return to Work Policy

2021 Policy + Tenancy Templates

Whether you’re a new society that needs to create a complete policy manual from scratch, or an established one whose policies need revising or better organizing, this series of policy template helps to make the process easier. The template is designed as a dynamic tool that provides users with options on a variety of topics that they can customize to develop their own policies and procedures, including financial management, administration, maintenance, and tenants.

Download Policy Templates

2021 Tools and Resources for Community Housing Development in Small and Rural Communities

Are you looking to develop non-profit community housing in a small or rural community? The Small Communities Initiative at New Commons Development focuses on building and preserving affordable housing and other assets in small and rural communities by partnering with co-ops, nonprofits, and public sector partners, and harnessing development expertise, capital, and aligned interest o build the capacity of the community housing sector in small and rural communities.

Download the Resource Guide

Download the Research Brief

2021 Guide to Navigating Non-Profit Partnerships with Developers in Mixed-Tenure Developments

This Guide is intended to be used by non-profit housing providers that are exploring the idea of obtaining ownership or a long-term lease in a privately led new development project. The thought of securing new housing for your non-profit is an exciting prospect but understanding how an organization goes from entertaining the idea to turning the key on new housing units can be difficult.

Download the Guide