Request for Proposals: Call Answering Services

Project Overview

Member Societies have been operating at capacity for some time while needing to meet increasing demands. In addition, many of our members are growing through the delivery of new housing units.  High volume of work and overtime hours affect employee’s mental health and organizations operations from HR and Financial perspectives. What BCNPHA is looking for as an Association that represents the sector, is to partner with an experienced vendor who understands the valuable work that the Non-Profit Housing Sector provides to the community and can deliver a service outlined below under Scope of Work.

Project Goals

  • Prevent non-profit staff burnout by reducing after-hours staff response
  • Reduce Operational costs related to excessive overtime
  • Increase operational efficiency and increased staff capacity by leveraging a 3rd party service at a reasonable cost
  • Increase member capacity for response to tenants during emergencies

Scope of Work/Deliverables

BCNPHA is accepting proposals to provide answering services that meet the needs of our members based in the above-noted goals. The scope of work should include:

  • After-hours call response and request triage
  • Ability to assist with on-call staff scheduling
  • Ability to integrate the answering call system with property management software, like Arcori, Yardi, etc., to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Proposed methodology for reporting service analytics to member clients
  • Value added services that your company may offer
  • Additional services that your company can make available
  • Proposed methodology for reporting to BCNPHA related to member uptake
  • Back-up and business continuity capability related to disasters such as earthquakes and other emergencies that could interrupt regional service delivery
  • Financial proposal that clearly describes the details of the proposed rebate to BCNPHA structure as a percentage of income generation per year.
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