Capital Planning Program

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What is this program about?

The Capital Planning program is an online educational opportunity for students to download BCNPHA’s Capital Planning Template from Ameresco’s Asset Planner™ software and learn how to use it. The CP Template is an excel spreadsheet that has been developed by BCNPHA especially for this program. The program currently consists of one course, Capital Planning 101. This course includes 11 video lectures, quizzes to check for understanding, online forums for questions and a very robust glossary of the terms commonly used in everyday capital planning. The content is designed to be interactive and is focused  on using the BCNPHA Capital Planning template to complete a capital plan for successful submission to your board and/or BC Housing. Capital Planning 101 is offered several times per year and runs for four weeks at a time to accommodate busy work schedules. These courses are offered online through HousingU, BCNPHA’s online learning management system. There is no fee for non-profit housing providers who take this course as it is fully funded by BC Housing.

Who is this program for?

The Capital Planning program is for individuals who are involved in the non-profit housing sector and responsible for allocation of their society’s capital resources. The program will help those who are looking to improve their skill set with respect to capital planning. Students will be introduced to a process and tools that will help to ensure scarce resources are allocated in a way that benefits tenants while ensuring that housing continues to be safe and comfortable over the long term.

What are the course goals?

The overall goal is to protect the physical assets of BC’s non-profit housing sector in the most cost effective way, making the best use of the funds available while preserving affordable housing for future generations. By the end of Capital Planning 101 participants will be able to produce a capital plan using the BCNPHA Capital Planning template.


Capital Planning 100 - Learn the fundamentals of capital planning in this beginner-level course. Click here for more information. Click for more information.

Capital Planning 101 - This introductory course will meet the learning needs of individuals involved in the non-profit housing sector and responsible for allocation of their society’s capital resources. Click for more information.

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