The financialization of housing is a pressing issue that has negatively impacted households across the country, and it has limited the ability of the community housing sector to bring solutions for those in most need. The Housing Central partnership between BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA), the Cooperative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC), and The Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA) has advocated for the implementation of policies to regulate large investors’ involvement in the housing system. Our advocacy goes from research publications to budget submissions and our role as community partners in national networks such as the Balanced Supply of Housing Node (BSH).

For the last couple of years Housing Central has been a strong advocate against the financialization of housing in British Columbia and in Canada. Out of the different policies and strategies Housing Central has advocated for, there are two policies that would benefit largely from federal involvement:

  1. Create a federal funding program to support housing providers from the community housing sector acquiring rental housing properties to protect their long-term affordability.
  2. Refresh the current approach to taxation and government revenue generation to reduce the financial burden on non-profit and coop housing providers.

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