The Affordable Housing Plan provides a ten-year roadmap to significantly reduce affordable housing challenges in communities across British Columbia. There is real opportunity to ensure that future infrastructure and supports will benefit individuals and families of all incomes and backgrounds, and will be responsive to local needs. Ensuring strong investment partnerships for a thriving affordable housing sector is not only the right thing to do for British Columbians, it will also save costs and provide major economic stimulus to the BC economy.

The figures laid out in the Affordable Housing Plan are conservative estimates of the required investments to begin to solve our affordable housing crisis in BC. They require a bold vision, but they are achievable. In fact, the $1.8 billion required annually is not dissimilar from the investments made over the past two years provincially and federally. Turning these historic investments into annual investments would go a long way to ensuring that all British Columbians have a secure place to call home. Demonstrating commitments to a plan that sees a home for everyone will help us avoid the mistakes of the past 25 years that de-valued the role we all play in the provision of affordable housing.