Lead Identified for Homelessness Intervention Project


VICTORIA – The Province is officially launching the Homelessness Intervention Project, making a single government ministry responsible for co ordinating provincial and community social housing and support services, including health and income assistance for the chronically homeless in five communities.

Premier Gordon Campbell has appointed Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman to take the lead role to ensure that services for homeless individuals with severe mental illness and/or addictions are delivered in an organized, fiscally responsible and timely manner to reduce chronic homelessness and integrate service delivery.

“As we work with communities to address homelessness, we must co-ordinate our resources and use them as effectively as possible so that homeless British Columbians obtain the full benefit,” said Coleman. “Through greater collaboration, we can ensure our efforts go further and work faster to target assistance where it is needed most.”

The goal of this project is to reduce chronic homelessness. The Homelessness Intervention Project will align several government ministries, health authorities, the non-profit sector and other agencies that address chronic homelessness and establish an immediate integrated homelessness intervention project, which will include:

  • Priority access to health and social services for the chronically homeless in five communities (Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna and Prince George).
  • The deputy minister of housing and social development, as the executive lead for the crossministry integrated project.
  • A performance and management plan, including performance targets to measure progress across the province in dealing with homelessness.

For more information, visit the Province’s website at www.gov.bc.ca

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