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New 2020 Guide on How to Hire + Work with Development Consultants

The development of non-profit housing is complex, often challenging, and can involve multiple funding sources and approval processes. As the community housing sector continues to grow, Development Consultants (DCs) play a vital role in ensuring that projects successfully move from conception to occupancy. Their support has helped hundreds of non-profits and co-operatives, churches, local governments and legions to expand their housing stock.

As they engage in this complex process, societies often shift significant responsibilities onto DCs. Their role in the process is to provide advice to the sponsoring society or act as a project manager.

BCNPHA has released a guide to help non-profit housing providers and their partners make informed decisions as this important relationship is created. It includes guidance on:

  • The role and expected responsibilities of a development consultant;
  • A comprehensive understanding of a development consultant’s expected competencies; and
  • Assistance with the selection process, contractual arrangements, services, and who is to work with a development consultant.

The guide is available  for all housing providers looking to develop or redevelop housing projects. It includes a template Request for Proposals and Expression of Interest.

The BCNPHA guide, which was prepared by City Spaces with funding from BC Housing, is a must for any society considering developing (or re-developing) a property who is looking to use the services of DCs.

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