Tenant Insurance

Provides protection for your tenants from losses with coverage for additional living expenses if needed.

BCNPHA has partnered with Marsh’s Private Client Services, to provide non-profit housing tenants with affordable tenant insurance. This affordable plan has an annual premium of $150 as opposed to over $300 for private residential tenants, and the ability for tenants to make monthly payments.

Why Should your Tenants buy Tenant Insurance?

  • Covers their contents against losses caused by fire, smoke damage, water damage, vandalism, theft, and many additional perils.
  • Provides protection in the event that they cause damage to the premises or property belonging to other tenants.
  • Coverage for additional living expenses are included up to the provided limit (i.e. hotel bills, restaurant meals and moving costs).
  • Their personal belongings are not covered by the landlord’s building insurance under any circumstance.


Promotional Material

Promoting the tenants insurance program is easy and you have the option of choosing the best way to market the program to your residents. All materials below are downloadable.

If you have any questions regarding the promotion of the program, please email my.policy@marsh.com.

Program Benefits

Very low annual premium with monthly payment options.

Free access to Intact Insurance — a suite of services including access to legal information and a family care assistance plan.

24-hour emergency claims service.

Coverage for fire, water and smoke damage, theft and other perils.

Earthquake coverage available for an additional premium.

Being a tenant in one of our affordable housing under New Chelsea Society, I had the privilege of being offered an affordable Tenant’s insurance offered by Marsh Canada Limited, which I signed up for in 2016. Their affordable plan has an annual premium ranging from $150 to $175, which includes earthquake coverage. In addition, being a staff member of the New Chelsea Society, I have learned from experience that no one can ever predict the future and accidents can happen at any time (this is my encouraging words when I talk to our tenants during annual reviews). However, if you have insurance that is affordable you will have peace of mind from these sort of events and will come to learn how this will be a valuable investment towards the safety of your home and family. Personally, having this affordable insurance for my rental unit has given my family and me this peace of mind and we feel protected from unforeseen incidents that could occur in our unit or premises. I am very pleased that there is an existing offer of these affordable tenants insurance available only to non-profit housing tenants.

C.M. tenant at New chelsea society


Marsh Answers Your Questions About Our Tenants Insurance Program


Be Fire Smart – Get to Know Your Buildings



For more information, download the program brochure or contact programs@bcnpha.ca.

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