Telelink Answering

Telelink improves quality of life for employees, reduces on-call costs, and gives residents a caring, professional voice on the other end of the line.

BCNPHA has partnered with Telelink to provide non-profit housing societies a better way to manage call answering needs. Proven script templates allow your housing society to reduce on-call maintenance costs with effective urgent vs non-urgent triaging. 24/7 support from Telelink’s specialized property management agents give employees better quality of life. Residents never go to voicemail, always get a live person, and are happier with a more timely and consistent response.

Program Benefits

Specialized Property Management Team: At Telelink, we know that non-profit housing has unique challenges. We hire, train, and develop a select group of specialized experts. Whether it is distinguishing an urgent vs. non-urgent leak, or designing reports to highlight key maintenance trends, our team delivers.

Specialized Scripting: Our digital script designer guides you through the script building process based on industry best practices. Your script is designed to triage urgent and non-urgent calls while capturing all relevant information to minimize time wasted on internal follow-ups.

Work within your property management software: Our agents are experienced with an ever-expanding list of property management software such as Yardi, Arcori, Property Vista and proprietary systems. By working in your system, Telelink improves the speed of the dispatch process and accuracy of records.

We recently began using the services of Telelink to address our overnight on-call needs. We are a society that operates low-income housing and the on-call staff were being inundated with calls that were not emergencies. We also wanted to add a level of professionalism to our response to tenants, so we decided to switch to an after-hours answering service. There are a number of things that I appreciated about Telelink’s approach: 1) they gave us all kinds of time and space to make the decision (no high-pressure sales tactics), 2) once we decided to go ahead I found the process clear for determining what constitutes an emergency and outlining how we wanted the phone answered etc. 3) they were flexible when we started and were accommodating when I needed information and 4) the staff that I worked with were professional and friendly. Now that we’ve been operating for a few weeks I appreciate the daily emails outlining the calls received and how they were handled, and we’ve already seen a drop in the overall number of calls as tenants are educated on what an emergency is. Finally, our on-call staff appreciate fewer interruptions during the night as they only get a call if there is an emergency. Overall, I’m very pleased with the service and would recommend others check Telelink out as well.

Quick Hits

  • 24/7 service
  • English & French language capabilities
  • Better work-life balance for on-call employees
  • Consistent & professional response
  • Urgent vs. non-urgent call triaging
  • Lower on-call maintenance costs
  • Call trend reporting and analysis
  • Reduce internal admin work
  • Lone worker monitoring for on-call employees



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