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Housing Central writes Vancouver Mayor and Council over the Broadway Plan

The City of Vancouver’s proposed Broadway Plan is set to reshape and renew a vital area of the city over the coming decades. Amid the intense discussion and debate over the plan, the Housing Central partners have jointly sent a letter to Mayor and Council.

The letter, signed by BCNPHA CEO Jill Atkey and CHF BC CEO Thom Armstrong, outlines the rationale behind Housing Central’s broad support of the plan. It also details a series of important recommendations that should be incorporated into the plan.

In part, the letter to Mayor and Council reads: “We urge you to engage the community housing sector more actively on how best to move forward, with a priority on the protection of existing communities that are already affordable and the protection of the City’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens from the impact of change.”


Housing Central is a strategic alliance of the non-profit and co-operative housing sectors in British Columbia. We look forward to continuing to work with mayor and council to shape housing policy and practice in the years to come.

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