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Highlight your organization during our housing tours

Do you deliver affordable housing or services in the Vancouver area? We are seeking housing providers and service providers who would like to participate in the housing tour programming during the 2023 Housing Central Conference in November. The tours would bring about 25 conference attendees to visit your space to learn about your unique housing and services.

Potential tour themes include:
• Interesting retrofits and updates
• Intentional design and construction
• Unique service delivery or program
• Outstanding community environment

To get a sense of what the tours are like, check these videos of our 2022 video housing tours:

Whistler Housing Authority

Nuutsumuut Lelum (Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre)

Connective, Prince George

Share your ideas with us! If you are interested in hosting a housing tour or would like more information, please contact Courtney Northrup, Education Programmer, at by July 10, 2023.

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