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Global News ‘Wait, There’s More’ Podcast: Canada’s housing crisis is spreading outside major cities

Global News ‘Wait, There’s More’ Podcast, Rachel Browne, October 29 (interview with BCNPHA CEO Jill Atkey)

For years we’ve heard about the shortages of affordable housing in major cities across Canada, especially in places like Toronto and Vancouver. And while those problems still exists, a lack of affordable housing is also spreading to smaller and more rural communities as demand for rental properties is outpacing the supply, and more and more people are priced out of ever owning a home.

Guest host Rachel Browne delves into the housing affordability crisis that’s affecting millions of people across Canada. We talk to Terry O’Connor, a truck driver in Pemberton, B.C. who’s trying to make ends meet for his family, and housing expert Jill Atkey takes us through how we got here, and what’s at stake if various levels of government don’t jump into action.

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