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Thinking Critically, Thinking Creatively (September 2022)

Innovation and creativity are critical. The groundwork for this expansive mindset is the ability to think critically – to consider all possibilities, opportunities and challenges when making decisions. In this 3.5 hour online session, delivered by the Justice Institute of BC, learners will examine and expand their mindset around their own thinking habits, the assumptions and biases that inform them and the results of their decision-making processes. This course will support learners’ capacity to make better decisions and will lay the foundation for innovative thinking and creativity in the workplace.

Note: this session will be delivered on the Justice Institute of BC’s (JIBC) Blackboard learning platform and registrants will be sent a separate access link prior to the event.

What you will learn

  • Defining critical and creative thinking
  • The four villains of decision making
  • Outsmarting your biases, and
  • Divergent vs. convergent thinking

Who should attend

This course is open to non-profit housing providers in any role, who wish to develop/enhance their leadership skills and/or transition to a leadership role.

Registration for this event is limited at 25 participants maximum. 

After registration, participants will receive further instructions from JIBC regarding online course access, course materials and technical support. Registrants are asked to sign in early on September 21 (at 8:30 am) to allow for adequate time to log in and prepare for the session.

Cancellation policy: Any cancellations or changes to course registration by the registrant must be made in writing to Cancellations received at least 7 days prior to a course’s starting date will receive a full refund. No refund will be given for cancellations less than 7 days prior to this course’s start date.

Requirements for Justice Institute of BC Online Courses
Use the BB system check link to ensure your computer system is properly configured for our web courses. It verifies your browser version, settings, and display settings on your computer. Click here for more on BB Browser SupportIn this class, video conferencing will be used. Learners must have a camera and a microphone. For an improved learning experience, learners are encouraged to use a headset with a mic rather than the computer speakers and internal mic.


Dr. Michal Fedeles, PhD (Education, UBC)


Dr. Michal Fedeles specializes in strategic learning and leadership development. For the past 15+ years, his engagements in academia and healthcare have focused on stimulating transformative learning cultures, inspiring performance excellence and maximizing the returns on investment in advancing leadership. As an educator, coach and consultant, Michal helps leaders and organizations achieve superior outcomes by embracing an uncompromising pursuit of curiosity, mutual purpose, reflection, and humility.

This course is delivered through the Justice Institute of BC, and is generously sponsored by BC Housing.




September 21, 2022


9am - 12:30pm



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