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Innovation Culture and Digital Housing Transformation

If digital transformation is the solution then what was the problem?

This session is for forward thinking leaders, key professionals and influencers in BC’s community housing sector who are keen to innovate with their teams and within their programs.

During an interactive workshop Henk and Michael will introduce you to easy methods, various tests and benchmarks that you can apply as first steppingstones for sparking innovation yourself.



January 26, 2021


10:30 am - 12:00 pm



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Who should attend

Forward thinking leaders, key professionals and influencers in BC’s community housing sector. This may also include representatives from municipal, provincial and federal government and/or other key NGOs that are working on addressing the complex challenge of affordable housing.

What you will learn

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • be inspired with ways to spark and accelerate innovation, even when time and resources feel scarce;
  • gained an understanding of what an “Innovation Culture” is and how their own organization scores on this topic;
  • understand the outcome of their own Digital Check-up after completing the checkup test;
  • have more clarity on what costs are involved with the use of IT and what the (financial) outcome may be if large-scale ‘digitalization’ projects are undertaken;
  • have insight of the common “Innovation and Idea killers” that every organization is faced with and have an understanding on how to deal with them.


Michael Smits
Impactmaker and Innovation Coach
Metamorphany and Studio.WHY

Hello, I am Michael Smits.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I live in Richmond. I coach and advise worldwide on innovation, future thinking and digital transformation. Above anything, I’m driven by a purpose to help shape a fairer, cleaner and self-sustainable future. It’s guided my varied professional and personal journey. From an entrepreneurial executive in Marketing, Finance and ICT in Europe, North America and Australia to leading humanitarian and human rights programs in conflict-affected countries in Asia. Essentially, I’ve always been an innovator and practitioner of nature & human centered approaches. It’s made me a multi-certified coach, regenerative designer and Global Citizen.

I’m a mentor and doer in multiple global change-cohorts, co-founder of Studio.WHY (professional training) and founder of Metamorphany (social enterprise). We are pre-vetted by several Governmental bodies, like the CMHC, enabling organizations to apply for innovation funding by partnering with us. I’ve co-created two proven innovation methodologies, believe in youth-driven innovation and am currently writing a book about the power of Purpose.

Henk Korevaar
International Liaison
CorpoNet The Netherlands

My name is Henk Korevaar

… and I am a Peddler in Fresh Ideas living in The Netherlands. I am the founder (1991) and owner of F-fectis. As a professional ideator and facilitator I work with clients all over the world and help them to come up with innovative ideas for products or services.

I am a ‘dispenser of enthusiasm’ in organizing interactive and ‘hybrid’ or virtual workshops. I am frequently invited to present or moderate smaller and larger (international) groups. I have written books on innovation processes, teams and teambuilding, project management and the impact of new ways of working. I am the International Liaison for CorpoNet, a Dutch network for digitalization and innovation professionals in housing. In 2001 I was one of the co-initiators of a TCO (total cost of ownership) benchmark for IT cost in housing associations. The outcome helps participants in getting a better understanding of their IT cost and to be able to compare (and learn) from costs of other participants.