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Housing Strategy: Tsawwassen First Nation Experience

TFN faces new realities, continuing financial and social pressures, and increasing demand for more to be done in the housing sector. TFN’s Housing Strategy identifies nine themes and provides bold and realistic responses to many challenges. Join senior planners from TFN to learn about how they have implemented this strategy, and some lessons learned as they move through identified actions, next steps, adoption and align work plans to implement various themes of the Comprehensive Housing Strategy. Also joining the panel will be a staff member of the TFN will discuss their experience as a member of the first nation, and can speak to the changing landscape.



April 9, 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm



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Who should attend

Senior Leaders, Housing Planners and Managers, Housing Coordinators

What you will learn

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Help those undergoing a similar development process or those developing a housing strategy;
  • Provide learning and best practices from planners who have led an extensive, multi-year development process


Rasika Acharya

Senior Planner – Community Planning and Projects – Tsawwassen First Nation

Rasika Acharya is a creative thinker and strategist, with an undergrad degree in Architecture, Masters in Planning, Urban Design certification from SFU, LEED-AP accreditation from Canadian Green Building Council; and also holds a residential real estate trading license from the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC). She is passionate about Indigenous Culture, Sustainable Planning/Design, and various areas of Community Planning. She has worked for municipal and provincial government in Metro Vancouver area and as the Senior Planner, currently leading major community planning initiatives and special projects at TFN such as Facilities Planning, Elders Centre, Agricultural Business Planning, TFN Placemaking and Comprehensive Housing Strategy.

Komal Shaikh

Director of Lands – Tsawwassen First Nation

Komal Shaikh is a passionate changemaker focusing on the areas of strategic planning, community engagement, and building resilient communities. An Architect-Planner, she has worked in leadership positions in India, US and Canada. As Tsawwassen First Nation’s Director of Lands, she has been instrumental in moving key strategic planning initiatives forward and leads the implementation of infrastructure and development projects and a comprehensive housing strategy for BC’s first modern
day treaty nation.

Priyanka Roy

Housing Planner – Tsawwassen First Nation

Priyanka Roy is the Housing Planner at TFN where she helps manage the housing program and also assists with various planning projects. With a background in architecture, local economic development, and community planning, Priyanka is an impact-oriented strategist who is passionate about systems change. Her approach to planning work is rooted in equity, justice, and accountability.

Nikki Lorenz

Lands Manager – Tsawwassen First Nation

Nikki Lorenz a Tsawwassen First Nation Member. She has worked within the TFN community in various capacities for around 20 years. She started out as a Treaty secretary and is now the Lands Manager. She manages TFN’s rental stock, agricultural leases, property management staff and administrative staff who process permits and licenses. Working for TFN community has always been her goal and to see the progress over the years has been truly amazing.