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OLE Pathway: Leadership

Developing Generative Boards

Leadership and Governance, a series of Online Learning Events about the experience of UK social housing leaders and experts, organized by BCNPHA in partnership with Golden Marzipan. In this four-part series, a panel of UK social housing leaders and board members will provide insights in to lead and govern in a volatile and uncertain environment. The sessions will cover leadership and direction against changing regulation, government policies and increasing client expectations.

  • September 20: Good Governance – How to be a Good Board Member 
  • September 27 : Changing Client Expectatins – How to Maintain and Modernize Services to your Clients 
  • October 12:  Relational Leadership – Moving the “I” to “we” to “all of us” 
  • October 19th : Developing Generative Boards – Making Decisions in Complex Times 

Series Part 4: Developing Generative Boards

In this Online Learning Event, participants will engage with Angela Lockwood – Chief Executive at North Star Housing Association. North Star HA has recently maintained a top regulatory judgement for Governance from the UK regulators and has always secured top scores since being established nearly fifty years ago. Building on the organisational development framework and integrating changes to membership and Board Chairs, governance in North Star has a unique approach to the way it operates, encouraging and facilitating a depth of dialogue and quality of decision making which encompasses challenge and difference whilst supporting and maintaining relationship.

The Board has taken a highly creative approach to working with the wider organisation on questions for which there are no easy answers and in encouraging closer involvement of all key stakeholders in the development of strategy. EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) is high on the list of priorities and one response has been the development of a nationally recognised Board Apprenticeship Scheme, the purpose being to ensure more diversity at board level, which in turn ensures better representation of the communities in which the organisation operates.

All Boards within the UK housing sector are under increasing levels of scrutiny with changing requirements, including the recent introduction of Consumer Standards, placing new and wide ranging demands upon those serving as members.  Alongside the increasingly critical fiduciary and regulatory roles a different approach is required when dealing, for example, with reputational issues.  Agility, willingness to collaborate, to constructively challenge leading to a much deeper level of discussion requires a move away from the ‘business as usual’ of the traditional Board agenda and potentially new or enhanced skill sets from Board Members.

Who should attend?

Anyone in any leadership, management or board member roles, or who would like to learn about board structure and responsibilities

What will you learn?

  • characteristics of the three modes of governance: fiduciary, regulatory and generative
  • share in the experience of the North Star Board, and the co-creation of the relationships, processes and frameworks that support effective governance
  • explore decision making in complex times, including the role of the individual and collective values in reaching consensus


Angela Lockwood – Chief Executive

Angela joined the business in 1996, when it was Endeavour, and spent 10 years as Director of Housing. Following a change in structure, Angela took on the role of Managing Director of one of the companies, then Deputy Chief Executive of the group, before taking up her current position with North Star, the parent company.

“As Chief Executive, my job is to ensure that the strategies of the organisation are designed, developed, approved, and delivered,” Angela says. “That includes a whole range of things: building new homes for people who need them; ensuring that the quality of the existing stock is good and that we continue to invest in it; ensuring that all the services are of high quality and that our staff are looked after; ensuring that we have a good reputation and that we have influence in the region and nationally; making sure that we’re up to speed and up to date with everything that’s going on in the housing sector; taking up opportunities and creating partnerships when we need them, and doing a lot of community work so that people who live in our communities benefit from that.”

Steve Dungworth – Digital Advisor

Steve is an experienced leader and innovative change agent. He has worked in public sector for over 40 years, the last 12 engaged in digital transformation within the social housing sector. He is:

  • experienced in social housing digital transformation.
  • engaging with customers, staff and managers.
  • knowledgeable about the social housing technology supplier market.
  • expert in programme and project management.
  • published writer and speaker in digital media and at conferences.

Steve is an advanced practitioner in Managing Successful Programmes, Management of Risk and ITIL. He has an MBA (Manchester Business School) specialising in Management Consultancy, Quality and Customer Service and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Steve is co-founder of Golden Marzipan and is working with several organizations in the social housing sector. He successfully developed and implemented the digital strategies at several organizations including a large HA which included integrated projects on omni-channel customer contact, mobile working and development of a self-service website.

Board Member at Leeds Federated Housing Association.

Claire Maxwell – Organizational Development consultant and advisor on Governance

Claire has worked as a consultant within the UK and internationally for over twenty years. until very recently being most closely connected to the Oasis School of Human Relations as both a Director and an Associate Director.  Her specialism is designed, creating and facilitating collaborative, inclusive and creative Whole Person approaches, predominantly within the not for the profit sector. Highly sought after as a coach, Claire also works regularly with Boards, Executive Teams and in Universities and Business Schools, both as a lecturer and facilitator in the development of alternative approaches to leadership and learning.

Governance roles have been many and varied, including Claire’s current roles as Immediate Past Chair (term concluded in June 2023) and Board Member of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (  She is also an advisor on Governance and Whole Person approaches to the Core Team.

Claire continues her involvement with the theatre and other forms of creativity, she is a long-standing Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a contributor to their Good Work Guild and a published poet.




October 19, 2023


10:30am - 12:00pm PST



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