Capital Planning
HousingU Pathway: Asset Management

Capital Planning 101 – Fall (Oct 22)

October 3, 2022 to January 9, 2023

Capital Planning 101 is an entry-level course for individuals who are responsible for allocation of their non-profit housing society’s capital resources. Participants will improve their capital planning skill set with an introduction to a process and tools that will help ensure scarce resources are allocated to benefit tenants while maintaining housing that is safe and comfortable over the long term.

This course covers the basics of how to use Ameresco’s Asset Planner™ software and BCNPHA’s Capital Planning Template, and is an ideal place for non-profit housing providers to gain more technical expertise in the tools used to create a capital plan.

  • Online, self-directed course
  • Participants have up to 12 weeks to complete



October 3, 2022 to January 9, 2023



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Registration opens Sept 19. Closes Oct 17.

Topics include:

What is a Capital Plan and why should I create one? | How does the Capital Planning process work? | Getting started with BC Housing’s Building Condition Assessment (BCA) | How to use Asset Planner™ | Downloading and saving BCNPHA’s Capital Planning Template | How to use the Capital Planning Template

What you’ll learn

This course covers the basics of how non-profit housing societies can go about creating a capital plan with the support of BC Housing. Students will learn what a capital plan is and how it is used, become familiar with BC Housing’s process for procuring building condition assessments (BCAs) as well as how to navigate and use Ameresco’s Asset Planner™ database software and BCNPHA’s Capital Planning Template. The CP Template is an excel spreadsheet that has been developed by BCNPHA especially for this course and is an excellent tool that can be used for long range financial planning for a single building or an entire portfolio.

Time commitment

This course includes approximately 16 hours of content. It is recommended that you commit to studying for 2-4 hours a week in order to be done in 4 weeks. However, you will have up to 12 weeks to complete. You can progress at your own pace, log in to do assignments, and participate in forum discussions whenever when it’s convenient for you. Having said that, we do encourage you to stick to the posted weekly schedule so that most participants will be working on the same topic at roughly the same time.


This is an entry-level course so no prior knowledge of capital planning is necessary. However, we recommend that participants take Capital Planning 100 when available, as it provides a strong foundation in the principles and terminology of capital planning and Building Condition Assessments that will be explored in further detail in Capital Planning 101. It is, however, not mandatory to enroll in CP 100 prior to CP 101. For more information, visit BCNPHA’s Capital Planning program page.

This course is funded by BC Housing and is free for all non-profit housing providers in BC, including BCNPHA members and non-members.

Registrants will receive course access instructions from one week prior to the course start date.