Empower the sector: Call for Grant Reviewers


Do you want to influence the next wave of community housing practices? Do you want to contribute to boosting sector capacity to face the challenges of a new decade? Opportunities are emerging and we are calling on the sector to guide the distribution of $50 million!

We are looking for cross-country participants, ranging from community to academia to policy, with significant content knowledge and experience in community housing (non-profit, co-op and social housing) with particular attention given to the areas of asset management, environmental sustainability, governance, financial viability, social inclusion and Indigenous knowledge.

How can you contribute? By becoming part of a pool of volunteer reviewers and:
– Providing references based on your regional and thematic knowledge
– Supporting quality-oriented fund application reviews by sharing your feedback This happens through calls, emails and our interactive web platform

What’s in it for you?
– The glory of guiding the evolution of the sector
– Eternal gratitude of your peers as you contribute to sector resilience and evolution
– Networking opportunities/ new friends
– A word to say in how funds are distributed

What is the Centre?
A pan-Canadian sector led initiative, backed by CMHC, to increase resilience and growth of the community housing sector. We do so by funding, supporting and building organizational capacities.

APPLY TODAY HERE: https://www.chtc-ctlc.ca/grants/


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