Call for Responses: Refugee Claimant Housing Fund

The purpose of this Call for Responses (CFR) is to invite Responses from Respondents interested in receiving funding for renovations to convert existing properties into net new rental housing units. The housing units are to be used for a minimum period of five years to temporarily house refugee claimants for up to 6 months per claimant. The funding will help ensure that Refugee Claimants in B.C. have access to safe and inclusive temporary housing options that meet their needs.

The Province may enter into Contracts for a total of up to $4.8M with Respondents managing renovation projects that meet the criteria and principles for funding under this CFR. It is anticipated that multiple contract awards may be approved for approximately up to $1.5M however the Province reserves the right to redistribute the funds should insufficient responses be received. Respondents may submit proposals for more than $1.5 million with the understanding that budgets may need to be reduced through negotiations. Contracts and renovations are anticipated to commence in October 2021.

The term of the Contracts is anticipated to be:
· A renovation period from October 2021 to September 30, 2022 with one (1) option to extend timelines only for up to one year
· A housing period of five years from completion of the renovation period.

CFR – Refugee Claimant Housing FINAL

Appendix A1 – The Response Form Template

Appendix C1 – The Shared Cost Agreement

Appendix D1 – Pricing Template FINAL

H02 -Amendment No. 1 – Information for First Time Responders

For more information and resources on participating in a procurement process, please see the resources at this link.

All questions should be submitted to PROCECON@gov.bc.ca.

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