Policy Updates

BC Government Releases Resources on Renovictions

The following documents have been updated and created in response to the Rental Housing Task Force’s recommendation on renovictions.

Policy guideline GL 2a has been updated to provide guidance on what is required to end a tenancy to occupy a rental unit. Policy guideline GL 2b provides guidance on the nature, extent and types of renovations and repairs that may trigger the vacancy requirement and what non-residential use means. The appendix in guideline 2b provides some examples of renovations or repairs and whether they would typically require vacancy.

The Four Month Notice to End Tenancy For Demolition, Renovation, Repair or Conversion of Rental Unit (RTB 29) has been updated to include more specifics on why the tenancy needs to be ended, permits that have been issued and the details of the intended work.

There is also a new web page on the BC government’s site dedicated to the issue of renoviction:


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