BCNPHA is committed to embedding reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) principles within our organization and in the work we do as part of the community housing sector.

These principles are central to our vision of a safe, secure and affordable home for everyone. Our commitment to REDI principles within our own organization and in working with partners, members and housing stakeholders includes:

  • Ensuring our staff, leadership and board are more representative of the diversity of our communities.
  • Keeping REDI principles at the forefront of BCNPHA’s decision-making processes, and investing in ongoing REDI training and support within our organization.
  • Providing training, tools and resources to support the sector in understanding systemic racism and how it’s embedded in our housing and organizational systems.
  • Providing training, tools and resources to the sector to understand how REDI principles can be incorporated into their societies.
  • Amplifying the voices and work of individuals and organizations at the forefront of social justice and anti-racism movements.
  • Delivering education and events that are reflective of the diversity in our province and within the sector. This includes ensuring the topics we address and the keynote speakers and thought leaders who deliver our education are chosen through the lens of REDI principles.

We recognize that REDI work is an ongoing practice, and we commit to creating a culture that recognizes discomfort leads to transformation.