New Societies Act

The new Societies Act came into effect on November 28, 2016 and societies will have two years to complete the transition. The changes in the Act will affect all non-profit societies in British Columbia, including those that focus on affordable housing. All registered societies will have to submit a transition application by 2018.

Societies incorporated under the current Society Act should be planning to complete their “transition application,” by the time of their 2017 AGM.  

BCNPHA, with funding from BC Housing, and in collaboration with Law for Nonprofits, an initiative of the Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO), have created several resources to support the transition to the new Act.


BCNPHA will host four free webinars in total focusing on changes to the Act that impact societies including those funded by BC Housing. The first webinar was held on December 8, 2016. A recording of this webinar is posted below. The remaining three webinars will be offered over the next two years. The most recent webinar was held on February 23, 2017.

These 90-minute webinars, facilitated by Martha Rans, Legal Director of the Law for Non Profits project, will cover the need-to-know information for affordable and non-profit housing providers in BC. A question period will be included.

New Societies Act – Webinar Recording

Below is a recording of the webinar that took place December 8th, 2016. Please note that this recording is provided as legal education and not legal advice and that it has not been edited. We’ll add more New Societies Act resources and opportunities to participate in additional webinars, in the New Year.

Housing Hub

The transition to the new Act may present challenges for some societies. With support from BC Housing a Transition Hub has been established to serve the affordable housing sector. Transition Hubs will provide additional support provided by specially trained and supervised volunteer mentors. Training and supervision of mentors will be provided by PLEO.

To access this support go to the Law for Nonprofits website.


BCNPHA will offer sessions at the Regional Education, Networking and Tradeshow (RENT) events and at the annual conference throughout the two-year transition period.

Self-Serve Resources

In collaboration with BC Housing and Law for Nonprofits we have created a special FAQ that answers many of the questions posed by housing providers. Access the FAQ here.

Law for Nonprofits website has additional resources, FAQs, updates, and tools for all BC non-profit societies.

BCNPHA will produce a self-serve, interactive resource that focuses specifically on the changes in the Act that apply to affordable housing providers funded by BC Housing. This resource will be posted here in Spring 2017.