YIMBY Campaign

yimby-bucketFacing opposition to your affordable housing project?
We are here to help our members!

Recent historic investments in affordable housing can have a significant impact in tackling homelessness and responding to housing need in communities throughout BC. But the development of these much-needed projects is under threat as a small minority loudly voices its opposition.

From Penticton to Richmond, Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Parksville, neighbours’ fears, perpetuated myths and complicated public consultation processes have contributed to testy open houses and uncivil social media discourse across BC. The most common concerns raised are threats to personal and children’s safety, increased crime and negative impacts on property values. A cursory glance at the headlines in communities throughout the province shows the prevailing attitude is often, “Great idea – just build it far away from my house.”

Meanwhile, the silent majority – those who are open-minded about the prospect of supportive and other forms of affordable rental housing in their neighbourhoods – isn’t being mobilized, nor are they equipped with the facts needed to build community and public support. At BCNPHA, in partnership with our colleagues at the Homelessness Services Association of BC, we believe an informed citizenry that understands the many benefits of supportive and affordable rental housing – not only for those experiencing homelessness but for the broader community as well – will show their support and create a more balanced conversation.

We have assembled current research and community engagement strategies so that supporters are activated and empowered with the tools they need to be local affordable housing champions.

If you are directly affected by opposition groups stalling progress on developing important new housing units for people in need, then connect with us to discuss how we can support you!

Contact Peer-Daniel Krause at (peer-daniel@bcnpha.ca) or James Caspersen at (james.caspersen@hsa-bc.ca ) and let us know about your project and how we can help.