Social Housing Investment

Investment funds for social enterprise

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The Encasa Social Housing Investment Program is structured to help non-profit housing providers maximize their returns on capital reserves and operating dollars, such as last-month’s rents and member deposits.


Program Benefits

  • Provides a wide range of investment funds for your money, both long and short-term investments.
  • Access to professional money management and expert advice.
  • Access to individuals who know social housing, as well as those who understand the investment world.
  • Funds designed to meet your society’s needs and interests.
  • Opportunity to link investments with education and training to meet provider’s needs.

About Encasa Financial

BCNPHA, with the Co-op Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) and the Co-operative Housing of BC (CHF BC) have joined the Housing Services Corporation (HSC) to create Encasa Financial. There are nearly 900 housing providers who have invested more than $490 million in our funds.

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