BCNPHA conducts a wide variety of Surveys across the sector to learn about the challenges and issues that affordable housing providers are facing across BC.

Inclusive Housing Survey

BCNPHA and Community Living BC have partnered on a survey to learn more about the housing needs, demands, and preferences of adults with a developmental disability who are living in B.C. While we know there is a need for more affordable, accessible, and inclusive housing for adults with a developmental disability in the province, filling out this survey will help us to better understand and plan for that need.

The data collected in these surveys will be critical to help engage decision makers in communities throughout BC as well as assist CLBC, Inclusion BC, service providers, self-advocacy and family groups, housing organizations, developers, and municipal governments make informed decisions about housing and service provision for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Sector Salary and Benefits Survey

In 2008, BCNPHA conducted a Sector Salary and Benefits Survey to provide non-profit housing providers with comparative data on positions found in the sector. In order to collect and disseminate new and up-to-date information on salary and benefit practices, BCNPHA has crafted a new survey based on feedback from providers.

Rent Payment Survey


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact the economy, many workers throughout British Columbia have experienced a reduction or loss of income. As a result, tenants may be struggling with rent payments. BC Non-Profit Housing Association surveyed non-profit housing providers to better understand the extent to which tenants in the non-profit housing sector were unable to pay their full rent for April 2020 and the impact on providers.

In total, 119 organizations provided useable responses to the April survey and reported information for 26,000 units.