Building Condition Assessments

The BCA provides crucial information, serving as the foundation of a capital plan.

A Building Condition Assessment is the foundation of your society’s capital plan success. This tool details your building deficiencies along with the replacement costs and schedule so that you can budget accurately for your capital needs next month, next year, and beyond. The BCA can help you get the most out of your building’s lifespan, and lower your maintenance costs overall.

BCNPHA can provide Building Condition Assessments for group homes, high-rise buildings, seniors’ housing and more. If you have a BC Housing Operating Agreement, speak with your BC Housing Non-Profit Portfolio Manager to see if your building is eligible for a free BCA. If not, BCNPHA offers a BCA service with the same tools and software used by BC Housing. Fees are based on the size, age, and complexity of the building, as well as the report requirements.

To book your Building Condition Assessment, please contact

NOTE: BCNPHA has postponed on-site visits for Building Condition Assessments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested in booking an appointment at a later time please contact us at for more information.

It has been quite the journey, a very rewarding one, largely due in part to BCNPHA’s involvement. You have assisted Kiwanis and myself greatly with understanding the process and keeping the project moving forward. I thank you very much for this! We are definitely very happy with the outcome and our residents as well.

– Ryan Fitzpatrick, Property Manager RE/MAX dWell Property Management for Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society


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