Expiry of Operating Agreements

BCNPHA and BC Housing Joint Work Plan on the Expiry of Operating Agreements

BCNPHA and BC Housing have partnered to examine the expiry of operating agreements, and to develop tools and strategies to sustain the affordable housing stock and the non-profit sector.

Expiry of Operating Agreements Planning Guide now available!

The partners have recently produced a planning guide for non-profit societies. We’ve taken research on expiring agreements and turned it into a useful tool for housing providers to use as you plan for expiry. The guide outlines a step-by-step planning process, will help you explore your options pre- and post-expiry, provides information on the legal landscape of expiry, different models of shared services and mergers and tools to help you determine rent calculations.

Access the guide – EOA Planning Guide, 2018

Access the legal brief –  EOA Legal Brief

Access the scenarios of expiring projects – EOA Scenarios

Access the rent structures powerpoint – EOA Rent Structures

Access the rent forecast spreadsheet – EOA Rent Forecast

Access the mergers summary – EOA Mergers

Access the shared services summary – EOA Shared Services


Simplified Assessment Tool

BCNPHA partnered with five other non-profit housing associations across Canada to develop this tool to help providers better understand the financial impact that expiring funding will have on their operations and their ability to effectively serve low income tenants.

Access the guide –  Addressing the Expiring Subsidy Challenge.
Download the tool – Examining the impact of expiring operating agreements.

Status Report Updates

Through a joint work plan, BCNPHA and BC Housing have assessed the level of awareness and preparedness for expiring operating agreements and identifying challenges, opportunities and strategies in planning for expiry. This status update reports on Phase I of the three phase work plan. This status update reports on Phase II of the work plan.