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Water detection with Red Door Housing Society

Keep an automated eye on your water line to reduce leaks and floods

Submitted by: Brandon Spearing, Aviva Risk Management Solutions
Republished from InfoLINK Spring 2021

When water damage losses occur within residential buildings, it affects more than just the carpet and drywall. Water travels within a structure causing damage not only to the area of origin (often forcing residents to vacate) but also throughout the building damaging electrical systems and residents’ belongings. Over time it also causes mold, threatening resident safety.

Aviva Canada’s Risk Management Solutions team would like to announce that Red Door Housing Society has been selected to participate in the Water Protec Pilot Project. The intent of this pilot project is to bring awareness to BC’s non-profit housing sector around the technology’s benefits in reducing losses relating to water – something we generally think is quite harmless.

The system includes an electronic valve installed on the incoming domestic water line that closes automatically when wireless sensors detect water, which typically originates in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry facilities.

The installation is simple, said Water Protec’s Francois Bédard. The valve is installed by a certified plumber on the water line and the rest is to determine the number of sensors and identify their locations. The cost to operate is yearly certification and the replacement of the batteries.

Non-profit housing societies will see benefits by reducing water-related events that can develop from a small leak into large cascading water events that affect more than just where it started. The systems are monitoring 24/7, notifying staff when an issue arises.

Water Protec monitors 24/7 to detect leaks, helping societies like Red Door save on insurance costs

“I am very pleased we were given the opportunity to participate and we anticipate the system will save repair costs in the short term (shutting down water when and active leak is detected ) but more so in the long term by detecting the leaks that are slow and do extensive damage, like mold, before they are discovered,” said Susan Snell, Executive Director of Red Door Housing Society. “With reduced claims this should reflect in reduced costs of insurance as well.”

Installation of the system has taken place while the Red Door building has been under construction. Snell said feedback from tradespeople working on the installation has been positive – now Red Door is looking forward to seeing the system in action.

“The ability to monitor the system remotely will allow us to pinpoint any issues and shut down the water in a single unit, and allow our maintenance person to respond quickly to suspected leaks,” Snell said.

“Working with Water Protec has been a pleasure as they explained the system to all parties to get this pilot underway. I look forward to this system being the norm and I’m proud Red Door Housing has had a part in it.”

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