Building Condition Assessments and Energy Audits

Asset Management

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Did you know BCNPHA offers a variety of services that can help non-profit housing societies manage their facilities? Building Condition Assessments is a smart way to maximize building life and reduce repair and maintenance costs. We provide thorough, timely and well-documented building evaluations, on group homes, multi-residential buildings, high rises, and seniors’ housing properties. Building Condition Assessment fees are cost recover and based on the size, age, usage of the building, and the report requirements.

An Energy Audit is a great place to identify inefficient building components, and identify utility incentive programs available to fund a high efficiency retrofit. We provide a thorough energy audit documenting energy efficiency opportunities; from low cost energy efficiency measures, to capital energy efficiency measures, and operation & maintenance energy efficiency measures. The audit fees are currently covered by a grant from FortisBC and the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Natural Gas.

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